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We are experienced professionals managing turnaround and change in education and business. We are passionate about engaging and helping employees learn new abilities and skills to stay relevant.

In the midst of technological advancement and disruptive changes, companies and educational institutions are facing a greater need to innovate fast. Career cycles and skills longevity are getting shorter, hence our design approach for employee learning is agile and continuous. 

We adopt a sense-making approach leading to solutions and results that will meet your business objectives in such VUCA times.  

About Us
What We Can Do

Our Approach

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Sense-Making & Strategy

  • Navigate company and external narratives

  • Orchestrate strategic planning

  • Align skills development with business goals

  • Talent development and succession planning 

  • Deploy employee engagement tactics

  • Strategise recruitment

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  • Design synergistic ecosystems

  • Create measures for collaborative team performance

  • Develop culture for learning and change

  • Build high-performing strengths-based teams 


Professional Development

  • Identify capability gaps

  • Design workplace learning and coaching

  • Build online learning systems for agile and easy deployment

  • Strengths coaching for management, executives and educators by Gallup-certified coaches

What We Can Do For You


Improve Productivity
& Team Performance


Customer Experience 


Streamline Operations
Leveraging on Technology


Build Employee Engagement & Capabilities 

Our Projects



  • Strategic planning for educational institutions and non-profit organisations 

  • Mentoring and staff development for leadership succession 

  • Building international partnerships and networking in the international arena  

  • Developing student development strategies, including cognitive, leadership, aesthetics and physical domains

  • Crafting a holistic customer experience approach for  stakeholder management, including government bodies, industry partners, parents, and students

  • Conducting training needs analysis and implementing learning and development programmes to close competency gaps

  • Implementing Gallup Strengths workshops and coaching for organisations and individuals

  • Developing and executing a microlearning strategy to transform offline content to digital microlearning content

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